Round Around by AJ is the personal blog of the multidisciplinary designer, now pursuing digital marketing & data analytics, Ankita Jain. It documents her passion for experimental photography in various subjects. This website is the container of her vision in the fields of travel, fashion, wildlife, architecture, and a mixture of all.

Ankita Jain | Photographer
Ankita Jain | Photographer | London

Documenting moments is instinctual for me,
with a camera I am able to capture what I see and feel.


My Story

Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated by shapes and forms. I used to draw human figures or any object with the combination of shapes and forms and received many certificates for drawing differently. My illustrations and execution styles now are a result of my fine arts and design background.

Over the years, having lived in three continents and traveling extensively around the world (six continents) has given me an insight to not only different cultures, societies but also the way art and design differ across the globe. The works are inspired by and revolve around geometry and angles. The photography is rigid, fluid with bold aesthetics.

I love walking and capturing moments with my camera. The vision explores cultures, ethos across the globe with the provocation of stereotypes. Contriving photo narratives by manifesting styles and aesthetics across the fields of design, nature, travel, people. I like to experience experiences and execute it via a connection with the images.